from a dream to reality...       

Some might describe Desiray Cooper as a jack-of-all-trades on a mission. The owner and operator of D’esir Beauty Cosmetics online store, Cooper has several years of expertise in design and merchandising in beauty/fashion as well as culinary arts. She has a background in graphic design, makeup artistry, photography, modeling, fashion design and more. While she has found she has a knack for each of these areas, makeup and beauty can be counted within her top passion.

     The turning point on her road to success was when life threw a curveball and she was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases after years of having an eating disorder triggered by trying to fit the high demand of being thin in the beauty and fashion industry. She often states you have no idea what a battle is until you have to fight for strength in your own body. Constant attacks triggered by food intolerances and allergies led her on a journey to a healthy diet and lifestyle. She was embraced by a community of people with the same issues. Through this experience, and her son’s constant eczema outbreaks Cooper was inspired to develop her own skincare products that were safe for many people who make a conscious decision to live a lifestyle free of the “extra” many companies choose to put in their products.  Since launching D’esir Beauty Cosmetics in 2015, she has expanded to include skin care.

     Cooper believes focus and perseverance in your dreams and passions is the key to success. Obstacles will always come; you just have to want it badly enough to keep going when everything tries to get you down. Just get back up and keep going, a tenant she lives out through her journey of healing, being a mom of two vibrant kiddos, and an entrepreneur. She is currently working on launching her own fashion line in the near future and is always looking for ways to improve and grow. Reach out at to connect.